Binary ‹-› Unicode Converter

Look up the binary representation of a string of characters or vice versa.

Unicode Converter and Browser

Lookup the decimal values of Unicode characters or vice versa in addition to browsing Unicode characters at your leisure.

Online One-Time Pad Encryption And Decryption

Create encrypted messages and decrypt them again using one-time pads.

Manual Cipher Decoder

Decode one to one character ciphers with ease including but not h4mited to Caeser Ciphers.

Send Form Data To Any URL

Test forms or REST clients. Also useful as a whitehat utility for things like SQL injection, etc.

Morse Code Translator

Translate to and from Morse Code.

Base64 ‹-› Data Converter

Decode blocks of base64 encoded data or encode data into its base64 equivalent.

Huffman Encoder

A rewrite in JavaScript of a C assignment for 12B Accelerated Intro to Programming with Professor Mackey at UCSC. It uses a self-balancing binary search tree and a priority queue. This is some seriously beautiful computer science.

Qwerty Vs Dvorak Vs Colemak

Type or paste in text to see quantifiable differences between these keyboard layouts.

Translate Qwerty to Dvorak and Back

Convert text typed by a user of a different keyboard layout into human readable text or vice versa.


If you lose access to one hand temporarly, maybe like I did by breaking it, this utility will allow you to type with one hand without learning a new layout.


Same as Flip Qwerty except it uses the Dvorak layout.

Common Lisp REPL

You read that correctly. An in browser Common Lisp REPL created by davazp the great.

Generate Clementine Playlists

Clementine's SoundCloud search feature misses specific user tracks when using the search feature. Use this to generate playlists of specifically user tracks.

JavaScript Key Code Lookup

Look up what the keyCode property of key events are in JavaScript.

Party Letters

Ŵóơóóǃ Ȉȿ ĩţ Ƿăŕťƴ Łȩţŧȅȓ Ƭìϻèʔ Ȉ †ĥïńķ íť'ș Рǎřťɏ Ƚéŧʈęɍ Τɨϻȅǃ

CSS Color Display

A quick and easy utility to try out different css colors.

Hex To RGB And Back

Convert long hex numbers to rgb and back again.

A to Z Cipher

A simple one to one character cipher which replaces a with z, b with x, c with y, and so on.

Factor Finder

Generate the factors for an integer.

Server Request Info

Lookup your ip address, etc.

Add Up Your Times

Add up how much time has elapsed from plain text time entries.