In general the work I've done since 2008 has been WordPress and Magento maintenance, security, plugin configuration (making plugins work with each other), custom plugin development, theme development and front end development.

The work I am most interested in now is building websites with functionality that is difficult or impossible to find out-of-the-box solutions for.

Relating Gym

For my friend and mentor's business, The Relating Gym, I developed this website solo including page hierarchy strategy, content migration, anti-intrusion security, and a touch of design & search engine optimization.

Relating Gym Screenshot

Liza Monroy

Working with my close friend and designer business partner, I customized a WordPress theme in the essence of her designs.

Liza Monroy Screenshot

Subverse Industries

Working with a team including a designer and social media marketing/copywriter, we built a Shopify ecommerce website. The fine folks at Subverse Industries make an array of leather accessories. In particular some of the finest hats in the world.

Subverse Industries Screenshot

Fire Fractal

Fire Fractal allows anyone to create beautiful fractal computer artwork in addition to the option of purchasing physical copies in the form of high quality posters.

It is a fully functional ecommerce website employing Stripe Checkout.

This project posed many interesting technical challenges.

HTML5 JavaScript Fractal Exploration Tool

Hex Cuff

An ecommerce store which sells ear cuff jewelry created from real hex nuts.

My role in particular is to make sure credit cards are accepted securely via Stripe Checkout.

Hex Cuff Logo

Chaos Of Operations

My friend Cody created a board game for his Games and Playable Media master's degree. We worked together to port it to the web. The goal of the game is to have a higher number than your opponent at the end of the game.

Chaos of Operations Logo

Ground Up Math

A place to hone your arithmetic skills using a flashcard technique. I created this for my niece over three days or so.

Ground Up Math Logo

Braille Tutorial

An online interactive Braille tutorial.

Braille Tutorial Logo


I learned a ton in our session and was exposed to concepts I had never understood or come across. The concepts you have introduced me to seemed somewhat daunting at first, but I am starting to wrap my head around things and am learning more than I ever would have thought. It felt really awesome to be able to work on the command line and vim, somewhat on my own, to build a basic rails app, when I was pretty intimidated by both just the last time we met.

-- Devon (my apprentice)

Bennett is great. He helped me resolve some long-standing issues with email--helping me set up a domain name, create a new email account and transfer my old email seamlessly. Bennett has a way of making technical processes manageable and fun. Wonderful communication skills!

-- Jane


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